"What stood out to me immediately, when working with Ashoka, was his passion for movement and coaching. He possesses a strong base of knowledge and has a wealth of past experience within the field of Human Performance. In my mind, what sets him apart form other coaches in the field, is his relentless pursuit of learning and his ability to connect with athletes of various ages and abilities. His program will be a tremendous benefit to any athlete committed to getting better."

Mike Potenza, San Jose Sharks Director of Performance

"It seems like I have known Ashoka for decades...and it is hard to believe it is just years. His ability to weave appropriate training with Olympic level Judo Athletes really impressed me when we first began talking. Ashoka has that rare gift of "showing up" and paying attention. Don't laugh: it is a RARE quality in the field of strength and conditioning. I'm always impressed with his work and efforts and I am honored to call him my friend."

Dan John, World Renowned Strength Coach and Author

"There are not as many trainers who are as hungry to learn, and as knowledgeable/qualified as Ashoka is. Too often those character traits conflict, and they shouldn't. He is the epitome of a professional, and a great example for anyone wanting to thrive in any industry, not just Strength and Conditioning. When working with Ashoka, regardless of who you are, or what your ability/goals are, you will receive top-notch expertise, accompanied by unwavering attention, and genuine care-taking. He has my fullest recommendation."

Ken Whittier, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Co-Director of Education & Internships at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

"Ashoka served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for our Judo team at San Jose State University for 3 years. We have several Judo Olympians and a winning tradition of Judo at SJSU. Everyone benefited greatly from Ashoka's attention to detail and his awesome knowledge of strength training for Judo. Hard to find a person more caring and knowledgeable."

Mike Swain, 4 Time Judo Olympian & Olympic Judo Coach

"It is a true pleasure for me to write a recommendation for Ashoka McCormick, a former Kinesiology student of mine. Ashoka arrived at our program with a larger knowledge base than most, so I often observed him mentoring others. And in doing so, I noticed his unique ability to “humanize” a concept and make it “real” for laypeople. Ashoka is truly a natural teacher of people. He and I have kept in touch over the years and I have to say that he surprises me every time we talk --- with some new skill he has learned, a more efficient way of arriving at a solution, or a new insight on a concept. But without a doubt, what I like best about Ashoka is that he genuinely cares about people and radiates enthusiasm when it comes to his work. Ashoka teaches from the heart – it is clearly his life’s passion. Ashoka will most definitely make a lasting and positive impact on everyone he touches. I give him my highest recommendation."

Gary Marccocia, Professor of Kinesiology, Cabrillo Community College

"Coming off a major surgery, I was worried that I would not be up to par with my competition in Judo. But with Ashoka’s assistance, I have never been as physically fit as I am today. He helped me move up a weight class efficiently as I got stronger. I like the amount of thought he puts into writing my training programs. I am glad I have such a passionate trainer who truly loves what he does and is willing to help me with anything I need. Ashoka is one of the most motivated, humble, and passionate people I know. I have found the training experience to be awesome and very rewarding. It has strengthened my Judo tremendously and I have continued to improve since I started training with Ashoka."